Big Team of Skin Care Experts in LA and Cerritos

Meet the big happy “family” of Skin Care Experts in LA and Cerritos

The meteoric rise of O Skin Med Spa as one of Southern California’s finest, most trusted skin care centers is a testament to its founder Olivia Quido-Co and the highly skilled team of competent skin care specialists she has assembled.

With five aestheticians and three customer service personnel in each of her two locations — in Eagle Rock Plaza Mall and Cerritos Mall — Olivia and her staff serve a universally satisfied customer base of more than a thousand, providing consistently friendly, accommodating, expert skin care treatment in invitingly comfortable settings. (They’re Yelp superstars. Just check out the number of five-star reviews for both locations!)

And for all the praise for customers, no one speaks more highly of the O Skin Med Spa staff than Olivia Quido-Co herself. “I would say our aestheticians who are all true experts in their fields and that’s what has made our growth possible,” she says. “The staff is not only extremely well trained in advanced skin care procedures and techniques, they’re all seasoned professionals dedicated to staying up-to-date with advances in bio-medical science and and state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments.

Clients are quick to say it feels like a big happy family of skilled aestheticians, and there’s good reason for that. “Many members of my staff have been with me almost from the start,” says Ms O. “We learn together through many hours of training and workshops to keep our skin-care knowledge and expertise fine tuned and up to date.”

Olivia also talks about the shared values of her staff. She not only encourages them to be the best at their chosen profession, she inspires them to be enriched — and spiritually nurtured and nurturing — with her strong Christian values.

“God loves cheerful givers and opens the windows of Heaven to them,” she says. “His blessings allowed us to open and grow. Now we hold the door open to all those who will benefit from our good fortune.”