Fractionated Laser For Acne Scarring

No One Needs To Live With Acne Scarring!

Our acne scar treatments begin with an in-depth analysis and consultation. Our Fractionated laser technology produces outstanding results. This new technology has revolutionized acne scarring treatments. In the past, treatments were painful, expensive and the recovery time was often weeks! Now with Fractional resurfacing, down time and pain are minimized. Recovery time with this procedure is days, not weeks! This is one of the most gratifying advances in cosmetic medicine. You can help reduce acne scars and restore radiant skin.

Using microscopic laser pulses, directed with extreme precision to just the affected area, this revolutionary procedure can free you from the embarrassment of acne scars, brown spots or other skin problems Don’t let scars make you self-conscious or timid – visit us at O Skin Med Spa where this amazing state-of-the-art aesthetic laser technology just may be the ideal solution for you. (Please Consult For Pricing)

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