Stem Cell Rejuvenation

Cutting Edge Anti-aging Treatment

Revolutionary new anti-aging treatment! Stem cells are special cells in the body that can become any cell the body needs. The placement of these stem cells is what determines the kind of cell that they will become. We harvest stem cells from the fat under your skin through a light liposuction procedure and then, after processing, injects those stem cells into the skin of your face so the body can produce new, “younger” skin that is free of blemishes and age marks. Stem cell rejuvenation is exceptionally effective for patients with deep lines and hollows in the face due to age. The stem cells will become the scaffolding of the skin and create a more youthful and full appearance to hollowed areas. There is also no risk of your body rejecting the injections, because they are your own stem cells. About one month after your stem cell rejuvenation procedure, you’ll see us for a follow up appointment and by that time the injected stem cells should steadily be filling in the hollows and fine lines in your face. Results from stem cell rejuvenation are forever!

Discover true, 21st century medical science at its aesthetic finest. Welcome to the state of the art of anti-aging biotechnology, where your own cells can be used to literally renew and rejuvenate your skin. This is a sophisticated medical procedure performed at O Skin Med Spa by a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. (Please Consult For Pricing)

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